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Tot Programs at Airpark


Balance, control and coordination are the three key developmental elements children need. Soccer is the best vehicle for achieving significant improvement in these three areas. Soccer demands that kids develop the ability to move both their body and a ball with their feet. This skill is not something that is easy and takes a great amount of eye-foot coordination. A happy child who has satisfied their inherent need to move is better able to focus, concentrate on and maximize benefits from learning in academic areas.

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Airpark Gliders 2-3 year olds 

Our soccer-themed motor skill classes are very easy for youngsters to get into. 2/3 years age groups focus on developing motor skills and self-confidence, program introducing children to fundamental soccer.”

Saturdays 10am
November18-January 6th
No classes Dec 23rd & 30th

Exclusive Airpark T-Shirt included in price. 

Parent Involvement needed,

30 minute clases, 5 Weeks, $135.00

Saturdays at 10am
January 13th-February 10th 2024


Saturdays at 10am,
February 17th-March 16th 2024

*Exclusive Airpark T-Shirt
   included in price. 

Airpark Cadets 4-5 year olds

Older classes focus more on developing core soccer skills and personal focus, and introduce an element of light competition. Instructor-to-student ratio is kept small to maximize individual development, and above all else we promote fun, fun, fun!

Saturdays 10 am
November 18th-Jan 6th 2023
No classes December 23 & 30th

Exclusive Airpark T-Shirt included in price. 

40 minute classes, 5 Weeks, $135.00

Saturdays 10 am
January 13th -February 10th 2024


Saturdays 10 am
February 17th-March 16th 2024

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